Our History

Our History


Elite Biochems group is a long history of chemical products manufacturers and traders, at the end of last century, with the development of economy and Chinese international environment gradually improved, China's commodity structure adjustment, a large number of products into the international market, a large number of domestic raw materials producers will focus on the international market, richest group is the predecessor of Xiangshan medical science and technology came into being, under the leadership of general manager we set up their own foreign trade departments, and with the 1996 international market environment, to bring our products to foreign markets.

In1996, with the domestic and international market environment changes, our enterprise also continually expand and grow. In 2001, China as a full member of the WTO, has bring us new developing chace to our foreign trade. We established the Shanghai Ruizheng chemical free trade zone in Shanghai Pudong. At the historic starting point, we looking to expand our global footprint. 

In recent years, the market competition is intense, only control our product quality, set up production base and R&D centers can we develop steadly in the future international competition. We have established cooperative production bases in Shandong, Shaanxi, Henan, Hunan, Jiangsu to improve the company's competitiveness and product strength. 

People are paying more attention to the Internet economics, we are not far behind to join the development of the Internet wave. We provide high quality products to overseas customers through network channels. With the WTO agreement came into effect, the Chines market will be fully open, it is both an opportunity and a challenge for us. We integrated our products effectively, and have set up Shanghai wisdom new materials, to better meet the challenge.


In June 1996, Xiangshan Ming Sheng medicine chemical industry, the company's main business is the pharmaceutical and chemical products

In September 1998 due to the domestic market continues to see the international market saturation, high demand for pharmaceutical chemicals and on the other hand, our company's products have a certain competitiveness, so the company decided to organize the foreign trade departments, to develop the international market

August 2005 saw the great advantages of precious metals as well as the international demand for rare earth and the country's regulation on this area, we opened up the relevant business.

In July 2008, Due to the rise of a wave of "return to nature" in European countries, plant extracts of every hue instead of chemical synthesis has become the international market best-selling new health products. While China has the world's largest production base of natural herbs and a few thousand years of Chinese history, it is logical to plant extracts as one of the main export products in our country. So we decided to open up the plant extract business. On the one hand we look for high-quality suppliers in the country, on the other hand, we also actively open up their own production base and processing factories.

In January 2012, due to the expanding business scope, in order to better co-ordination, we set up in Pudong, Shanghai, Shanghai Richest Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., a comprehensive optimization of the company's product line.

September 2012 OLED market is hot, whether it is the international or domestic have increased the OLED R & D, we are based on the great advantages of the country's OLED raw materials, has opened up a OLED R & D and production sector.

In September 2013 we strengthened the cooperation between universities and colleges, to co-ordinate the R & D laboratories and form of a more efficient team.
September 2015 with the continuous expansion of the company's business, the company moved to Minhang, Shanghai overall.

In November 2015, because the company's business scope is larger, in order to better management and unified company image, we set up a Elite Biochems Group.

January 2016, with the continuous development of new materials, in order to better carry out this aspect of the business, we will list out the new material sector, set up a new Mstar Technology Ltd in Shanghai, Chi Chi.

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